Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Oscars...didn't watch, just looked at all the pics online. Couple catty things I must point out... Charlize Theron - whomever let you rat your hair into a nasty-looking bouffant is not your friend. It looked bad. Michelle Williams - just because you are wearing a bright yellow dress doesn't mean your lips should be equally bright. That red should have been replaced by something lighter with a bit of shimmer. It made you look like some six-year-old kid who stole her mom's red lipstick. And honey, please use gloss.
Hey South Dakota legislature - you suck.
The folks at Noggin are trying to make me feel less guilty when I plop The Girl on the couch for some Blues Clues by announcing what educational/developmental skills the show is adding to her life. Whatever dudes. I just want 20 minutes of uninterrupted time online.
Is it Sunday yet? I want my Gray's Anatomy.
Night two didn't go too well with the whole sleeping in the big-girl-bed thing. The Girl was overly tired and just kept watching her sheep mobile and the Winnie the Pooh light go around and around. Then she would point at a stuffed animal and want to play. So off to mommy & daddy's bed she went, but under extreme protest, where she fell asleep in four minutes. Naptime today was again a big-girl-bed success. So to recap: 1 night bgb; 2 naps bgb.
Got my first box, errrr, three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on Sunday. Still haven't demolished them, either. Moderation? No, just too busy to sit and chow down with a big glass of milk.


Imperfect Mommy said...

To echo...

Charlize looked awful. Between the hair and the bow (WTF)... was it 1980 or something?

SD sucks big time. And it sounds like Mississippi will be sucking as much soon. Go figure.

Noggin rocks whatever they do. 20 minute of uninterrupted time? How about eight hours? You're not getting your money's worth of cable!

Congrats on the big girl bed... careful with all that spooning!

jennster said...

LOL- i heart charlize.

Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Eat some for me. I must resist.

I want Salma Hayek's hairdo for my wedding. I won't even bother to wish for her body.