Sunday, February 26, 2006


Today, we disciplined The Girl for kicking me. She has been in a kicking frenzy for a week or so, trying to get a good whack on me whenever I try to change her diaper* or pick her up or just about do anything she doesn't want to do. I warned her this morning she would get no TV for the rest of the day if she kicked me again. She did anyway, so I told her no TV and walked away. Luckily Hubby had the sense to immediately back me up. Later, we told The Girl she could regain TV rights if her behavior improved, ie no kicking, no yelling. This punishment (or positive discipline or whatever) was a drag on me, because I like to park her in front of Diego or whomever is her favorite character de jour for an hour so I can blog/clean up/shower/make dinner or whatever is my need de jour. Instead we painted, drew with chalk on the porch, went to the park (with Dad), visited neighbors, and on and on and on. Damn, parenting without TV sucks. It's far more tiring. On the bright side, looks like the whole discipline thing worked. She was very sweet and is now parked in front of Bambi II with Daddy. We also told her that this rule will always apply to kicking and angry yelling. She seems to comprehend, repeating very seriously "no TV" when asked what will happen if she kicks or yells. Wow. It seems so easy after one day. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

*She stopped going on the potty when she had her UTI so we are backing off for now.


PabloVTA said...

If she stops kicking, can she go back to lighting ornaments on fire?

Tammy said...

Very cute stuff. Mine (all three of them) are well beyond this stage. As painful as some of the days are, try to glimpse into the "we'll look back at that and laugh" future. Because you really will. And you'll miss how adorable it was for her to kick the hell out of you.