Monday, February 13, 2006


We were in Carlsbad Saturday for my Dad's 75th Birthday party (more later). On the car ride home, The Girl wanted me to sit in the back with her. We left at 9 p.m. hoping she would sleep the whole way. So I indulged her and sat in the back, knowing that we would stop for gas after she was asleep and I would move to the front to have "grown-up" conversation with hubby. Sometimes she sill go to sleep in the car if I hold her hand. But she wanted more. She said, "Tell me a story. Once upon a time..." I leaned my head on her carseat so it touched hers and started to tell her silly made-up stories about a little girl and her pet pony Sparkles. Sparkles, to my surprise, could fly. And talk. They often went on trips high above the neighborhood and even went to the beach a couple times. "More stories, mama..." So then Sparkles would fly her to school and be waiting for her afterwards to fly her back home. Sparkles helped make sugar cookies and then ate them with the family. And then she nodded off.

I loved telling her silly stories. I loved sitting there in silence, smelling her head. I reached over and covered her arms with the blanket and just loved her. I silently hoped we wouldn't have to stop for gas. And we didn't for about an hour. It was wonderful.

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