Thursday, February 23, 2006


The hubby and I have thought up the greatest reality show ever. It will be called GUARDIAN OF THE GIRL. The premise of the show is that we need to name a guardian for The Girl in our will. Should it be the sister and bro-in-law with $$ and a big house who have two girls of their own? Should it be the brother & sis-in-law who never had kids but consider their dogs their children? Should it be the brother with grown children who is divorced but loves kids? Should it be the wonderful neighbors? We may need to throw in Charles Barkley and Uma Thurman for the celebrity angle. How 'bout a blogger, too?

A camera crew would spend a couple days with each of the contestants documenting their day-to-day activities. Of course they would be told it's part of some sort of PBS project or some other hooey. Then everyone would be brought together at a remote tropical location (because who wants to stay home? It's February!) to explain the rules. Then they would return home with a camera crew following them for another couple of days so they could show how they would fit The Girl into their daily life.

Each week we would watch some of the before/after footage of each contestant. At the end of the episode we would vote someone off by saying something horrible like, "There's no way you are going to raise our child!"

Ok, so we might have been a bit "altered" when we thought it up. But I'm pretty sure if I could get this in the hands of Mark Burnett, we would have a mega-hit on our hands.

Either way, we really do have to get a will drawn up. A "trust" actually since we are land barons (land baron = homeowner in California). I don't like this part of being grown up. Reality bites.

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V said...

I'd watch! BUT - the part your missing is the part where they tape how you and the man take care of the girl - for comparison views of course... and then maybe you'd have a hit. People (including myself) would pay big money for that kind of entertainment.

I cant believe your leaving out the other part where you instist on HOW they can and cant raise the girl. Ive heard that part of the story and its my favorite.

Sugarmama said...

This is a great idea! Maybe my own husband and I would get around to drawing up a will if we could figure out who would raise our daughters this way. It's a tough question that we still haven't answered yet, which is stupid, I know.