Sunday, January 29, 2006


The Girl has a urinary tract infection. It's bad enough when grown-ups get them, but a 2.5 year-old? Ugh. Poor baby. She woke up at 6 a.m. yesterday and announced she had a diaper rash and needed Desitin (The Girl is extremely verbal, I tell you). I noticed her diaper was still dry from the previous night and no rash. Then she started to shriek when she thought she might have to pee. A shrieking little girl is not how you want to start your weekend. Consulted the books, called the doc and they sent us to the urgent care. The Girl kept announcing loudly, "I don't feel well!" to whomever would listen. The nurse glued (yes, glued) a urine collection bag over her nibblets and we were supposed to wait until she magically decided to pee. A nap during an hour-long car ride yielded two or three drops, just enough to test. Dr. blah blah wrote a prescription and never even checked her belly or kidneys or anything. Odd. I think I will follow up with the pediatrician tomorrow. Now we have to hold her down for 2x a day for the medicine and bribe her. Thank gawd for mini M&Ms and sugarfree gum. And now when she gets the burning pee sensation, The Girl says, "I want to go back to the doctor." Poor thing. It should lessen today, but still, two days of random pee shrieking is two days too many.


Imperfect Mommy said...

I can one up you on that... thought my daughter may have had a UTI the other night too as she was crying in pain and holding herself. Nope not a UTI, further investigation revealed .... pinworms. AHHHHHHH!

Anyway, I hope she is feeling better.

clickmom said...

My son had one of those on him as an infant, the kid nursed so much he filled it. It spilled over all onto his pants and mine too.

Yeah!! Good times!!

VenturaMom said...

Pinworms and urine bags. Is this the happenin' place to be or what?