Friday, November 11, 2005


I'm back down in Carlsbad with my Dad. He got out of the nursing home and is back in his house so I'm making meals and running errands and generally helping him out. Of course having a two-year-old in tow makes everything twice as difficult/annoying/exhausting/all of the above.

The Girl picked up her first cold of the season - just the green snot type - earlier this week. Being such a giving child, she gave it to me. So now I have to be super-handwasher extraordinare because we don't want to get my dad sick. Oh how tired I am of washing my hands. I just want to lick a big slab of pot roast, give it to him and infect him already. Not really. I'm just tired.

On the bright side, I get to go out to the rockin' breakfast place tomorrow with my brother. Then we head home Sunday for two glorious days with hubby before he hits the road to Key West for six days. I am going to go to Camp Mansfield (the in-laws house) for five of those days. I am going to let them cook and clean up after me. I am going to let them do my laundry. I am going to let them spoil The Girl and take her to the park or a nightclub or wherever they want, just so I can get some freakin' rest.

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Sugarmama said...

Those 5 days with the in-laws sound like heaven to me. Sleep in, sleep in!