Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Thanksgiving at my house. Blended - the in-laws, my dad, my sis & her family. Must start with a venti chai, move quickly to hard liquor, ease up with a beer, pace myself with Malibu and Diet Coke throughout the day.

I think the bird is thawed. Guess I will find out when I pull out the guts tomorrow morning. Gross. Luckily I don't have to do anything with the neck/giblets/guts except toss in the trash. We don't add that crap to gravy or stuffing. In fact I am using William Sonoma gravy again this year. No muss, no fuss, no pan drippings! It rocks.

We are having just two white-trash side dishes this year - creamed corn (made with Nibblets! courtesy of the in-laws) and candied yams (with the marshmallows on top! courtesy of my sis). I decided that the green bean casserole would just be too much white-trash for us to still be considered middle class. I am throwing in a salad in order to balance out the starch-o-rama. And adding pomagranate seeds. Fancy.

As I head to bed, I leave you with this...
Think about the first Thanksgiving. A beautiful bounty shared by native friends and Pilgrim friends. Pilgrims who would pass on all sorts of disease to their native friends, then eventually kill many of them in a horrible land grab, and ultimately sink an entire culture into the hopelessness of reservation life.

So dear readers, be thankful. It could be worse.

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PabloVTA said...

sounds great, hope you and yours have a great day.

I'm thankful for your blog, I smile everytime I read it, and that is priceless.

So thank you! Bethma.
now get back to your Malibu and DietCoke!

rytffua: rubbing your turkey frantically forms unbelievable aromas