Monday, November 21, 2005


The Girl and I were visiting the in-laws last week while The Husband was in Key West getting drunk, I mean working. I had laryngitis and a nasty goop had taken hold in my head. Unfortunately, I reinfected The Girl so she spent much of the trip coughing and getting boogers all over her Nana & Grandpa. Luckily, they did not care.

We went to Pismo Beach to look at a eucalyptus grove where Monarch butterflies congregate for the winter. It was neat for the adults, not so enchanting for Grace. When Grandpa bought her a souvenir butterfly magnet, she promptly tore off the wings and antennae. OK, then. The photos were cute though.
And for the record, she thinks the open mouth pose is how she is supposed to smile for photos. I have learned to stop saying, "Smile!" and now say, "Look at Mommy and don't open your mouth."

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