Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The Girl is still talking non-stop (inherited) and some of the things that she says, well...

  • Today as she was playing with my business partner's son, she passed him a toy and said, "Here ya go, honey."
  • When you ask her name, she proudly says "Grace Maaaaaanfeeeeeld." Always leaves the s out.
  • She now calls her dad Daddy-O.
  • "Fuck it, mom. Nooooooo. Ummmm...we say oh my goodness, oh my gracious." Ok, so the f-word isn't so cute, but at least she corrected herself before I gave her the look of death. And it had been seven whole days since she last said the f-word. Am I aiming too low? And the whole "oh my goodness, oh my gracious" thing is really cute.

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