Sunday, August 21, 2005


Since Mindy over at the Mommy Blog is in culinary heaven right now, I thought it was time to post our menu for the evening. Roasted chicken with Susie Q seasoning (Santa Maria style seasoning mmmm) and a quartered lemon inside; white corn from the Ventura Farmer's Market; biscuits from a can; salad with blue cheese dressing and croutons. I do believe this is the ultimate middle-class Sunday dinner. Homey with just a touch of junk.

And for dessert...rootbeer floats with Diet A&W and Breyer's real vanilla ice cream. Don't hate me because I'm so talented. bwa-hahahahahah.

PS - We always use corn holders. You know, those pokey things you use on the ends of the corn so you don't burn your hands or get them all covered with butter. I find it odd how households are either pro corn holders or militantly opposed. Which are you?


Monkey loves Kitten said...

Pro! Any excuse to have a specific gadget.

V said...

Totally PRO! But the truth is I only use one - so I can cut the corn off the cob. Its a bad habit since the braces time of my life.

PabloVTA said...

Oh yeah, we have them here as well. I use them sometimes, but I'm not against just man handlin them either.

We have the ones that look like even smaller ears of corn. Isn't that weird? it's not like they make a steak knife in the shape of a tbone or a crab fork like the claws....

next time you whip up a dinner like that you gotta call!