Saturday, August 27, 2005


I turned 39 for the first time. Next year may be my second-annual 39th birthday, but this year is definitely My First-Ever 39th Birthday. I'm usually not a wistful or gloomy birthday girl wishing to be some other age, but damn, 39? That's grown up. WTF?! I swear I was just 26 a couple years ago. I know the last two years have flown by because of Grace, but the other 11? I don't think I got high that much. I dunno.

Hubby is away on business so The Girl and I are visiting my family. He gets bonus points, though -- the florist just delivered a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from him.

So here I sit in Carlsbad, with a belly full of yummy brunch and cake and pie (yes both, it's my birthday), feeling content and loved and looking forward to the last 12 months of my 30s.

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Rose-Colored Beer Goggles said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Welcome to the club :o) Miss Wen is pres and I'm v.p. - not really, but I'm working on little sleep and it sounded funny at the time.

BTW, how the hell do those html tags work? Wanted to "bold" the salutation. Please consider it bolded.