Saturday, May 21, 2005


The Girl is just so cute these days. Her vocabulary is huge and she knows just how to look up at us, tilt her head and say something adorable. Gets me every time even though I know she is just learning some sort of horrible way to manipulate people. Yeah, whatever, it's cute!

A few of her new favorite things:
  • she will tell us which pillow is mine and which is Gregg's. She says, "Mommy pell-low," and pats it for me to lay down and then does the same for "Daddy's pell-low."
  • requests "more paste" every 4-5 seconds when she is brushing her teeth, or should I say every time she is sucking on her toothbrush before we have to trick her into letting us do a quick brush.
  • played for 15 minutes by herself in the turtle-shaped sandbox today while I sat in the sun and read a book (Oh, wait. That's one of my new favorite things!)
  • Loves to color (read: scribble) and put stickers on paper. Luckily she announces what she is drawing so we don't have to guess.

She is a funny kid. Glad she's mine.

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