Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Dr. Phil is my new pal. I went to a taping of the Dr. Phil show last week with five other mommy friends. One of them had seen a posting from one of Dr. Phil’s audience coordinators that said they were looking for moms to attend the taping of their Mother’s Day show. Her interest was piqued so she passed it on to us. We all decided there was a good chance of free stuff so plans were made.

Gregg stayed home with The Girl, while we left at 5:45 a.m. for Hollywood (Paramount Studios). When we got there, we were pleased to see we were only about 10th in line. Unfortunately when we were checking in, the gal told us the Mother’s Day show was now taping in the afternoon. UGH! She said we could go to the morning taping of the Dr. Phil show, then come back out and she would put us in line for the second show. She stressed that WE WOULD BE VERY SORRY IF WE DIDN’T STAY for the Mother’s Day show. “WOOO HOOO!!! FREE SHIT!!!!” I screamed in my head so as not to look like a greedy pig. So we followed her advice and saw both shows.

First show was about rehab and the fact that there are no shortcuts when dealing with addiction. There was a celebrity guest who I cannot name since I signed a confidentiality agreement (Pat O’Brien…who said that?). It was an OK show. It will air May 5. We were in the second row, right behind Dr. Phil, but I don’t think we got on camera.

When it ended, we had to go back to the now-long line for the second show. Luckily our gal hooked us up and we were in the first group let back into the studio. We were in the second row of the second section and it seemed like we got a lot of camera time. Possibly because I was screaming like an idiot, possibly because we had one really hot mom with us. The show was, well, who the hell cares about the content of the show, we got free stuff. And a bunch of it:

  • Pink mini iPod
  • Big Waterford vase and two dozen roses
  • Skagen watch
  • Fancy artisan picture frame
  • Make-up from American Beauty (available at Kohl’s)
  • Fancy moisturizer & toner AND a gift certificate for micro-dermabrasion or IPL photo facial from a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills (I think they said this was more than $1000 value)
  • A gift certificate for a cosmetic bag that is imprinted with a photo of your choice
  • A bag of stuff from Banana Boat – sunscreen, t-shirts, hat, etc.

Needless to say, I told Gregg that he is off the hook for a gift for me for Mother’s Day. A card will suffice this year, thanks to my good friend Dr. Phil and his lovely wife Robin.

Set your Tivo for this Fri. May 6. I am wearing a lovely lily pink blazer by Jones New York.

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Monkey loves Kitten said...

Holy Crapload of Crap!
You got some seriously good shizznit. Good thing, too, or you woulda been pissed.