Monday, May 09, 2005


Ewww...the title sounds a little pervy. Actually, last night I sort of wandered into her rabbit hole, then flew ass over teakettle into it, only to emerge three hours later. I had put the Girl to bed with daddy, had a couple shots of whipped cream sprayed directly into my mouth and went online. I randomly found some chat about the Land of Nod furniture when I Googled for a coupon. A gal posted pictures of her nursery and there was a neat mobile of sheep. Of course that took me down another path, Googling Flensted mobiles (handmade in Denmark). Then I Froogled them to find a good price. I found some random toy shop that carried them and was browsing the site when I came across the Froebel Gifts - "...educational materials developed for Friedrich Froebel's original kindergarten in 1837, are perhaps the world's most intricately conceived playthings. The Froebel Gifts appear deceptively simple but they represent a sophisticated approach to child development." This of course made me immediately believe that I am not helping Grace's brain develop. What is it with mothers and self-doubt? So I continued on my frantic path of discovery looking for books on Amazon about Froebel, the creator of kindergarten, then branched out to the Waldorf education philosophy , and finally, mothering. So three and a half hours later with and a crap-load of new links added to my favorites and a bunch more books on my Amazon wish list, I heard Gregg stirring.

Holy hell, how did it get to be 2 a.m.? Must have been the damn whipped-cream induced rabbit hole.

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