Monday, February 21, 2005


We meet with the tax man today so I am gathering all the necessary crap - Goodwill & Salvation Army receipts out the wazzu, medical bills & premiums, mileage estimates, unreimbursed business expenses, interest etc. BTW - you really should keep track of all the stuff you give to Goodwill because we are always dropping off a bag or two and it adds up to several hundred dollars by the end of the year. Just estimate the prices of items at what it would sell for at the thrift store. I always under-value and still come out with at least $500 of clothing, furniture, toys and household junk.

Did I just sound like: 1) a mother, 2) a nag, 3) a penny-pinching tightwad, or 4) a nut job?

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VenturaMom said...

With $3K back from the Feds & $900 back from the state we can continue this life of luxury (one income) for another couple months.