Wednesday, November 24, 2004

FIRST POST: Profound? Not a chance!

Welcome to the world of VenturaMom. I'm a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a Californian...

Things of interest to me that may be topics of future posts:
  • Toddler chit-chat & child rearing
  • Breastfeeding... yep, still at it
  • Our president is dumb
  • He's so hot... currently featuring Luka from ER, Chris Noth from Sex in the City
  • My cat barfed again... and other feline tales
  • Sugar Pie Kids... my new business venture
  • Life by the beach... expensive but 72°
  • If only I were... rich, thin, taller, bilingual, ambidextrous, nice, an alien, etc.
  • My dead mom... a positive topic, really
  • My crazy family... a funny and mostly positive topic
  • Sports... Why I love the Bills
  • Sale shopping... also a sport
  • Grammar & usage pet peeves... I enjoy reading the AP style guide

Enjoy the ride. I'll enjoy the writing!

Nite nite

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